daddyhax (daddyhax) wrote in august07,

Our First Baby

Hey, I hope you don't mind me posting this here.

First off, I'm Andy (Ok, I know this is a place for mothers, but my girlfriend doesn't post on Livejournal, hopefully its ok that I do?), and we're due our baby 7 weeks today.

Unfortunate for us, We've only had the one scan..

(Taken around week 12)

It's obiouvly been a while since then, and we can tell the baby is getting much bigger. I'll get a recent pic up of my girlfriend with her big baby belly!

We're pretty sure we have all the essentials, from pram, to cot, to moses baskets, to essentials (wipes and nappies), clothes and whatnot. If I were to post up a list of everything we have, would anyone care to fill us in on anything we're missing?

The only thing we're really needing is a house! But hopefully, that shouldn't take too long.

I'll keep you updated with the news and whats going on with My girlfriend and our (soon to be) bundle of joy!


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