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august07's Journal

Babies Due in or Around August 2007
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This is a community set up for women who are pregnant and due in or around August 2007. Feel free to join and say hi, post how you are feeling, get to know other gals and make some friends, and share your pregnancy experiences! There aren't very many rules to this community.

The only thing that I require is that you:

** Do not start any drama between other users. We all have different opinions and that is acceptable. No flaming other members. If you have issues with another member, bring it to me. Snarking a friends-lock post will get you banned.

** Use an LJ cut when posting multiple pictures or large pictures. That saves on the friends pages of others. :)

** Please try to keep the posts on topic.

** PARTICIPATE!! Make posts telling how you are feeling, how your day went, any thoughts/concerns/fears, etc. What's the point of a community if we don't participate.

** Last but not least: HAVE FUN!!!